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Achieve your goals by working smarter, not harder. This course is for anyone that needs to increase their personal effectiveness through time management. This time management course will deliver a range of tools and techniques to make managing your time simple and straightforward. You will find out how to make real changes to your focus, habits, prioritisation and decision-making.

Whether you’re an employee who feels overwhelmed, a manager who constantly works overtime to catch up or an individual who struggles to get everything done, this course will teach you established time management techniques.

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Modern life is busy. With so many distractions and demands on our attention, wasting time is easy to do. That's why improving time management skills has never been more important to your success.

This Time Management Course will deliver a range of tools and techniques to make managing your time simple and straightforward.

  • What are your time bandits? - An activity that encourages delegates to work together to identify what prevents them making the best use of their time.

  • If I had more time - Delegates ponder what they would do if extra time is available to them.

  • Ambitions and Long Term Goals - Delegates complete our aspirations questionnaire to help them identify their long term goals.

  • Turning Goals into Reality - An activity to help participants plan the activities which turns ambition into reality.

  • The 1's - A look at medium and short term planning.

  • Managing Interruptions - Identifying and management of interruptions that interfere with our effectiveness.

  • Procrastination - Activities to help delegates recognise that they procrastinate, why they do it and how to manage it.

  • Managing meetings - We investigate the cost of poorly managed or unnecessary meetings and consider how to overcome these issues.

  • Delegation - Delegates examine some delegation advice from famous people and consider the relevance to themselves.
  • By the end of this training course, delegates will be able to:

    1. Understand their customers and their needs
    2. Recognise what prevents them from making the best use of their time
    3. Make necessary long, medium and short term plans to help schedule and organise activities
    4. Manage their 'To Do List' effectively
    5. Control interruptions so they have limited impact
    6. Recognise and manage common time wasters
    7. Identify why they procrastinate and how to manage it

    Plymouth Time Mangement testimonials


    "Excellent outline of common problems with helpful practical solutions".

    V.R. - T.H. March & Co. Ltd

    "This course has been a real eye opener. Rob is an ecellent trainer who is very engaging and keeps the content fresh & informative. I would look to attend further courses with Rob".


    "This course has given me manageable action points to make improvements in my time management".


    "This course has made me stop and think about what I do every day and how I manage my time. I am going to put what I have learnt into practice and monitor how many hours I save a week!"


    The course allowed me to think about work practices and how efficient they are. I have identified simple improvements to my daily operations".

    P.Y. - Swallowfield Plc

    "This course has provided me with methods to manage delegation, meetings and other areas that should make a significant impact on my working day".


    "Very useful to reflect and focus on issues affecting time management and how the business is run. Good interaction and facilitation. Very useful, many thanks".


    "Very useful in giving ideas on how to free up time and showed me flaws in how I work now. I found the delegation section very useful."

    Plymouth Time Management Training