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Leading Effective Teams training in Plymouth

/// Intended For:

This Essential Management Skills training course is suitable for anyone that works in a management or leadership role. The course provides a great foundation for new managers to develop and grow, while giving existing managers the chance to review their current skills and build on their performance.

/// Objectives

Managers set up the conditions that help other people perform well. The field of management is undergoing a revolution that asks managers to do more with less, to engage whole employees, to see change rather than stability as natural, and to inspire vision. This management training course will provide managers with the tools and techniques to perform effectively in the modern business world by helping them to inspire their team and set engaging targets to increase their chances of ensuring success.

  • Introduction and Objectives - Setting the scene for the training course, building an understanding of the five key tasks of managers and what is required to achieve them.

  • Icebreaker - Developing an understanding of what delegates expect to get out of the training course and their expectations.

  • Management as a Product - Understanding the purpose of management and how it can be improved by considering it as a product in its own right.

  • Assessing Your Personal Management Style - Completing a questionnaire to define the management style of participants, helping to identify with their approach and noting any shortfalls. Identifying when it might be best to adapt their style to suit an alternative approach.

  • Setting Goals, Strategy, Objectives, Tasks and KPIs - Deciding the hierarchy of the different elements and creating their own workplace examples.

  • Prioritising - Using guidance from the Pareto Principle to help understand different priorities and how tasks should be approached.

  • Delegating - Establishing a structured approach to delegating and following a case study that helps the delegates apply this to a real-life scenario. Includes examples of a delegation log and RACI for use back in the workplace.

  • Giving Performance Feedback - Defining performance feedback and understanding how to engage in smart conversations that get results. Includes a chance to role play expected approaches using workplace simulations.

  • Managing Meetings - Learning the seven steps to successful workplace meetings.

  • Having Innovative Meetings - Applying Gamification techniques to help make meetings more engaging and motivate attendees to change behaviours, develop skills or solve problems. Includes two key interactive activities that can be applied to workplace meetings.
  • Creating Engagement - Establishing the elements that help create engagement for teams and how these can be used at work.
  • Motivation - A review of the different approaches to motivation and how best to include motivation techniques in your everyday working style. Use of a TEDTalks video to look at a different approach to motivation. Includes two case studies to help embed the learning and highlight how learnt techniques are best used in the real world.
  • By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

    1. Use a framework for effective management
    2. Set goals, objectives, strategy and KPIs
    3. Prioritise and organise work effectively
    4. Create employee engagement
    5. Motivate and monitor your staff

    Essential Management training in Plymouth

    N.R. - Hybrid Gym

    "This course has helped me massively. It has enabled me to add structure and techniques going forward."

    K.R. - ClubWiFi

    "As a new manager, I have found the course very beneficial! With lots on my action plan, I am looking forward to becoming a more motivational manager!"

    S.L. - Plymouth University

    "This course has helped me to recognise the style of manager I am and given me confidence."

    L.F. - Man For All Seasons

    "Never received any formal management training before and it has been something I have always struggled with and not fully understood. Today has been excellent and has equiped me with the tools and skills needed to move forward"

    C.O. - Lang Town & Country

    "The course has given me more confidence with regards to becoming a manager"

    C.B. - Vualto Ltd

    "I have learnt a lot about good managerial processes. I will be actively using these going forward."

    K.S. - Plymouth College of Art

    "The course has made me see the type of manager I am. It has shown me what I need to do to inspire, manage, support and delegate."

    T.L. - Pentillie Castle

    "I will be able to handle employees a little better and my delegating will be of a better standard. Also happier in talking through problems with my staff."

    L.B. - Ridgewater Property Ltd

    "I feel I have been given the skill set I need to be a good manager. A very reflective course which makes you think about things you usually wouldn't."

    S.B. - Shore Financial Planning

    "Brilliant course, would definately book another one!"

    R.S. - Airey & Coles

    "This course has been very informative and highlighted many things to take forward in my workplace."

    K.F. - Services Design Solution Ltd

    "Very interesting with useful and practical techniques that can be taken back to the workplace."

    Essential Management Training in Plymouth