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Handling Complaints training in Plymouth

It isn't the complaint the customer remembers but the outcome!

/// Intended For:

This course will help your front line staff deal with complaints in a straight forward and effective way.

It is often said that the way you handle a complaint is far more important than the solution you provide. Research shows that skilled handling can lead to long term customer loyalty. Customers will always demand good value and equally effective service. Complaints can make or break an organisation, particularly now that the internet provides such an easy forum for customers to air their grievances. We need to ensure that our people are skilled in handling complaints.

/// Objectives

Why are complaints good for business? In this activity participants consider why complaints are good for business and why unhappy customers should not be discouraged from complaining.

How to avoid making a bad situation even worse

Turning Complaints Around Participants are introduced to our own complaints handling approach called AURA. They then work through a case study to help them apply AURA practically.

Complaint Handling Skills Using empathy, understanding, self-control and listening skills to positively resolve a complaint

Hostility It is inevitable that some complainants will be hostile and this session provides participants with some tips to help them handle hostility.

Personal Abuse Hostility can spill over into personal abuse. Participants learn how to handle this professionally by listening to a situation and discussing how they would handle it.

Complaint Handling Practice Participants have the chance to practice the techniques they have learned using our simulations.

By the end of the training course participants will be able to:

  • Improve company reputation and client retention with better complaint handling skills
  • Explain why good complaint handling is important to the business
  • Handle complaints effectively and consistently using the AURA approach
  • Handle hostile complaints calmly and professionally
  • Turn around customer complaints and dissatisfaction

    Plymouth Time Mangement testimonials


    "I recently attended a Handling Complaints course provided and delivered by Rob, I have to say that not only was the content exceptionally useful - his method of delivery and the whole structure of the day really put me at ease and ensured I was able to get the most out of the day. It was informative, current, and relevant information".

    J.N. - DCH GROUP

    "I thought I knew the basics about complaints. It was refreshing to learn new improved approaches to handling, managing and resolving complaints".


    "This course has shown me the best way to approach customers to get a good solution for the customer".


    "This course has opened my eyes to dealing with complaints!"

  • Handling Complaints Training in Plymouth